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Corporate Photography:

What and How

(Definition, Purpose, and Suggestions)

Photography is an art. We are continuously in an environment where we see eye-catching images and there is a perpetual desire to seize that moment. Of course, by clicking a photograph we capture that moment for a lifetime and cherish the image by remembering about it. Everyone nowadays has a camera on their cell phone. Photos are taken all day, every day. Picture-perfect photographic images are available round the clock on our electronic devices, in print media, and in advertising. A professional photographer in Gurgaon ensures that the client’s objectives are met and improves the company’s financials.

Corporate photography, known as business or commercial photography is adopted by almost every company to promote their business. Photos of their products, services, and organization are professionally captured as a promotional strategy to create market awareness, brand building, and impact sales. Digital media plays an important role in commercial photography as a marketing tool. Visual appearance and appeal are foremost in any purchase. An eye-catching advertisement can easily distract and gain customers’ attention which is why corporate photography or commercial photography is becoming popular globally. Many photography studios like Studio Pearl provide services for corporate photography in Gurgaon.


There are different typesof Corporate Photography: 

  1. Product photography: The product/ products manufactured by the company are the prime focus. The photoshoot highlights a particular product in the most appealing manner to gain potential customers’ attention to buy their product instead of their competitor’s.
  2. Architectural photography: This photoshoot captures buildings, locations, structures, or spaces to enhance business. These photographs showcase different architectural designs. The photographer aims to aesthetically capture the exteriors and interiors of different buildings, cityscapes, bridges, or any other structures. The images give a story and a context to the building.
  3. Fashion photography 

:  A professional fashion model is hired for modelling the product. This photoshoot can take place in a photo studio or outdoor location. A professional photographer is usually well-versed in directing the model and creating captivating pictures.

  1. Environmental portraits: Natural environment is preferable for outdoor photography. Environmental photography helps the photographer to creatively showcase a relaxed and real-life image of the personality or a celebrity promoting the product. This style of photography is mostly chosen by creative-minded people, such as chefs, freelancers, dancers, musicians, painters, etc.


The best Photographerin Gurgaon helpsin creating the best visual images for the corporations. A successfulprofessional corporate photographer has these to help enhance business 

  1. Bad lighting doesn’t hinder the work

: A proficient photographer has knowledge of various photography skills. One of them is about the usage of high ISO or fast lens, in order to capture photos, even if the lighting is not enough or terrible. 

  1. Patient enough to capture engaging shots:

 A professional photographer is very patient as they can foresee the best moments and therefore wait to capture more engaging shots.  


Make the model and other attendees comfortable: A professional photographer engages with the attendees by active communication skills so there is comfort between an attendee and the photographer. Professionalism is the key to getting the best out of the people getting photographed.

  1. Efficient photo editing skills:

 A commercial photographer is well acquainted with photo editing skills as it helps to churn out the best images from the extensive photoshoot.

Suggestions & tips for a Corporate commercial Photographer:

●     For corporate photography, a corporate photographer has to create a shot that complements the mood/message of the product. The photographs are required to capture the essence making it moody, artsy, and edgy.

●     The photographs appear better when they match the reality of the product.

●     A real image improves users’ experience and ensures an everlasting relationship between the product and the customer.

●     Adequate information alongside a visually attractive image shall keep the customers focused on the product and aids in a purchase.

Some basic steps help a professional photographer to build a professional clientele:

  • Create a relationship
  • Align on needs
  • Sign a contract
  • Scout the location


Establishing an individual process and communicating it to the clientearly on helps to maintain credibility as a corporate photographer. It alsoprevents and protects you in case the client decides to change the course ofthe photoshoot or terms of the contract.  

A new kid on the block has to struggle hard to obtain projects and builda clientele. Following tips can help  

1. Door-to-door marketing – This method puts your social and presenting abilities to the test. It’s a good choice if you’re just getting started but rejection is quite normal. However, presentation skills may help to make the client understand your services and product.

2. Social Media Promotion: It may be used as a portfolio to display and show off all of your beautiful work to the rest of the world on different social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


3. Website and Email Subscription: Sending out emails to yoursubscribers remind them about a deal or sparks their interest. 


Studio Pearl is acknowledged as one of the best corporate photographersin the market. They are also known as the best product shoot photographerin Gurgaon. 


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