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Maternity Photography : A complete guide to tips & techniques

What is the need for a maternity shoot? This might be the very first question that pops into most people’s minds. However, the answer is very simple, pregnancy is a blessing, and a miracle in itself. All the couples want someone to capture and freeze some of the greatest moments of their lives. Pregnancy is a very special phase for the mother as well as the whole family and maternity photography is no different. Studio pearl is a team of professionals having great experience in maternity photography in Gurgaon and they are well known for their outstanding work and famous for their tremendous shoot and for capturing the best shots of their clients.

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For a couple, this special period of life is very beautiful. They should seize every moment. And that would only be possible if they get a proper maternity photoshoot.

And this whole photoshoot procedure is not just only for mothers, the child can also look at the pregnancy photoshoot down the line and understand the journey. Maternity Photography is the special way through which an expectant mother can relive those special moments that she is experiencing now. A couple wants photography or Videography services in Gurgaon that’s dependent upon them. A couple has to make sure that whatever they are doing they should make this phase more memorable.

What is the right time for a maternity photoshoot?

The best time for a maternity shoot is around the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. This is the perfect time as the baby bump of the expected mother is visible around this time of pregnancy. Having a shoot later than this might be uncomfortable for the mother so the 8th month should be the ideal time to get those cute pregnancy photos.

Where should you get your maternity photography?

This depends upon the vision of a pregnancy photo shoot. Most people prefer to have their shoot outside in the sunlight. A professional photographer in Gurgaon prefers to have natural light more as it makes a huge difference in the pictures and the best shots are captured in the sunlight only. And if a couple decides to get their shoot outside, then they should make sure to cover multiple locations so that their Maternity Photoshoot is fun to look at. They can do it in parks, gardens, museums and many more places as per their choice. 

What should a pregnant woman wear in a shoot?

For a maternity shoot, a pregnant woman should wear body-hugging clothes as this looks perfect on them. when she can confidently show her baby bump to everyone. So she should wear anything that shows her baby bump to the fullest.

Also, during her pre baby shoot, she should not feel shy wearing body-hugging attire as this is the perfect time when no one cares if she looks a little healthy or chubby. 

What are the various types of maternity photoshoots?

1. Classic Pregnancy Photo Shoot :

This type of photoshoot is more of a controlled photography studio setup. For this shoot, artificial light, as well as natural light, can be used. Among all the 3 types of maternity photoshoots, this one is the most popular and dynamic photoshoot. A proper studio setup is also considered the perfect one for a fashionable baby bump shoot. When the husband is also included in the shoot then the pregnancy photoshoot becomes more attractive. And apart from that, if a couple has an elder child then they can also be included in the shoot and it can be a great family maternity photoshoot.

2. Glamourous Pregnancy Photo Shoot :

A glamorous maternity photoshoot is also referred to as a studio-based setup. In this type of setup, photographers try to click more glamours and happening pictures. In this type of photoshoot, only the mother is involved. Also, the maternity photoshoot has a very fashionable photography vibe.

3. Outdoor Pregnancy Photo Shoot :

This type of shoot takes place outdoors mostly in the gardens, parks, and museums. Weather is one of the most important aspects while deciding the best type of shoot for the couple. During extremely hot or cold weather it is not a good idea to have outdoor maternity photography.

The above-mentioned guide is very helpful for the couple planning a maternity shoot. Studio Pearl is a team of passionate photographer in Gurgaon who provide their best services and skills in various sectors of photography.


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